Kitchen #8: Angela’s Bright Orange Crush

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Name: Angela
Location: Near Columbia U., NYC

Favorite Kitchen Stores
Drimmers in Brooklyn for Appliances. 718 338 3500.
I researched what I wanted (24″ wide stainless steel LG fridge & a 30″ stainless steel Maytag range), got a few price estimates from other stores and then called Drimmers. They bettered the price, and then delivered them FOR FREE. It’s a great secret source and will help you save at least $100 or so. for colorful, affordable tabletop and serving ware. They have some adorable Thomas Paul melamine plates right now. I use their plastic grass “Daisy Doormat” in front of the kitchen sink. Very cute.

When I bought this apartment about a year ago, the kitchen was sad afterthought, crammed into one side of a large room. Some may have taken this opportunity to turn it back into the bedroom it once was, but as someone who loves to cook for friends, I decided to make it a friendly, bright place to hangout. My boyfriend also needed a desk and work area, and we both have too many book and magazines… so we created a kitchen/office…. (more after the jump)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

3 Compelling kitchen cooking/design tips:

  • DIY Ikea Island: I wanted to have a kitchen island on wheels to move around as needed. Ours is made of two ikea wall cabinets sandwiched between two pieces of wood countertop. Add wheels on the bottom, and voila. Island a-go-go.
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What Makes My Kitchen Great cont’d:

…I can’t tell you how convenient it is to have a computer in the kitchen, whether it’s for looking up quick recipes (like the oatmeal cookies I made last night — see the plate on the island) or checking emails while you’re waiting for the water to boil.

To create our highly functional, versatile kitchen space, I hired an up-and-coming designer/architect. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to do a major redesign on a space hire a professional. He charged 15% of the total construction cost and worked with me for about six months — from our initial brainstorm to helping us install the Ikea cabinet doors (after a four month back order!). He more than earned his fee. (Thomas Warnke at

To keep costs down, we customized Ikea cabinets by mixing them in with open shelving and finishing it off with a stainless steel counter and a colorful back splash (more on that below). We opened up the space by creating an arched doorway that echoes the one to our living room.

Since moving in, we’ve hosted about four dinner parties for ten people, and the kitchen always receives rave reviews. I try out new recipes once a week, and it is by far the most used room in apt (ok, so there are only three rooms total, but this is our favorite). In fact, I’m here right now.

3 Compelling kitchen cooking/design tips Cont’d:

  • Plexiglas Backsplash: We painted the wall a color first (Benjamin Moore Carrot Stick) and then placed frosted Plexiglas on top. We also did the same to a closet door that we had custom made. It’s on a sliding track, for optimal use of the space.
  • Cooking tips: Two cooking tools I can’t live without: an 8″ Wusthof chef’s knife and an All Clad Stainless Steel Sauté Pan. My favorite new gadget is a Rival Crock Pot. You can see it in the photos — it’s got our Sunday night dinner inside, chicken chili… Yummmmm.M

I hope my kitchen makeover is helpful to some of you. Please let me know if you have any questions.