Kitchen and Bath Ideas from Cersaie Booths

When we visit a trade show, we’re often just as intrigued by the booth designs as the products themselves. At the Cersaie tile and bath show in Bologna, Italy, we snapped a few photos of booths that offered good ideas for home kitchens and bathrooms…

  • 1) White plates against a neutral wall form a simple pattern that goes with just about anything.
  • 2) Wall-mounted kitchen tools (hung with an IKEA rack) double as decoration.
  • 3) We loved how the Ceramica Cielo booth used an Eames wire-based stool to create some extra storage space under the sink.
  • 4) A cutaway shelf from IDEA Group’s booth was perfectly styled with rolled towels, a bathroom radio, and bottles of product. If only our own bathroom looked so good.
  • 5) Artfully organized, a small trolley can add storage and style to the bathroom.
  • 6) In several of the bathroom booths, upholstered furniture was used to soften the expanse of smooth tile. This orange chair looked great against a beige wall.
  • 7) In the kitchen, red and white look crisp. We love the slim countertop, styled to look like an Italian espresso bar.
  • 8) A cluster of sculptural hanging lamps is an unexpected addition to the bathroom.
  • 9) In the Lea Ceramiche booth, a wall of mismatched tile looked incredible. It would take a brave (and patient) soul to pull it off, but a patchwork tile wall would definitely make your bathroom unique.
  • 10) Hands-down, the most creative booth design was this lemon wall, constructed from a grid of boxes that held the real thing. The whole booth smelled like lemons.

Booths Shown: Ceramica Colli (1-2), Ceramica Cielo (3), Idea Group (4), Casa Dolce Casa (5-7), FAP Ceramiche (8), Lea Ceramiche (9), Althea (10)

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Photos: Sarah Coffey