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Kitchen Counter Battle: Toaster vs. Toaster Oven

published Aug 24, 2010
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There are two type of people in this world: Those who use toasters, and those who use toaster ovens. Sure, both have the same basic function. But the toaster and toaster oven have considerable differences—things that some consumers might not think about before they head out to buy. Check out our list of things to think about when choosing your toasting tech, and weigh in on which works best for you.

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Before you make the final call and head to the checkout, make sure you’ve fully considered more than just the sale price. Stop yourself in the aisle and really think about these three points:

1. Think about space.
This is the most frequent thing people think about when shopping, but it might not be the most important. If counter top real estate is at a premium in your kitchen, you’re forced to go the way of the toaster. But if you can afford the space, consider the next thing on the list: Your diet.

2. Think about the food you eat.
If you really just want to make a good piece of sliced-bread toast in the morning, nothing beats a good ol’ toaster. You can even find one with wide slots for bagels. But if you know leftovers and oven-ready frozen meals are a weeknight staple for your small household, then a toaster oven might be better for you.

3. Think about time.
If you’re shopping to ease your morning breakfast routine, nothing is faster than a simple toaster. A toaster can conveniently toast your bread in minutes, while a toaster oven might make you late for work.