The $10 Amazon Find That’ll Help You Create a Room Divider with Plants

published May 18, 2023
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Small kitchen with wooden countertops on

Interior wall cutouts can be awkward spaces to decorate, but there are plenty of ways to work around one. Using the cutout’s ledge or tiny bar top to display knickknacks, decor, or even art is just one way to make use of this spot. If you have enough surface space, you could even set up a little breakfast eating area. 

But if you’re a plant person, and there’s good natural lighting, then this budget-friendly Amazon find might make you rethink the way you decorate the next interior cutout you encounter. Just ask Antoinette, who made great use of hers with these simple hooks and some of her favorite houseplants. 

Antoinette lives in a 673-square-foot apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, with her husband, Michael, and their Bichon Frisé, Lulu. The couple have owned this apartment for a little over a year and have taken their time to upgrade it to fit their needs. “This is our first home together, and it’s been a labor of love renovating and decorating it,” she says.

Antoinette is drawn to an eclectic atmosphere, and she leans into that offbeat look by hanging abstract art on the walls and pairing it with statement light fixtures and mid-century furniture. “I enjoy mixing up many design styles and creating unique and bold spaces,” she says in her house tour. One of the best space-saving choices Antoinette made when decorating her home, though, is hanging plants from the ceiling of the interior wall cutout that separates her kitchen and dining room. 

“It’s a pretty, brownstone-esque home with east-facing windows that bring in tons of light,” she says. So, it was smart of her to take advantage of all that sun by bringing in a plant life to add color to this transitional spot. While many people might think to place the plants on the ledge of the cutout, Antoinette made great use of its vertical height with three gold ceiling hooks that she can hang her plants from, drawing the eye upward. Not only does stringing plants up high give them ample sunlight to grow, but this spot also offers more room for the greenery to trail. And if that isn’t enough, hanging plants from the top of the cutout lets the leaves act as a curtain of foliage, creating another layer of division between rooms. 

Here’s the part that’s most exciting for you: The gold hooks that Antoinette used are just $10 for a pack of three on Amazon, so they can add a luxe touch at a super-affordable price point if you also have a cutout in your home. 

In the end, Antoinette turned this awkward little cutout spot into a “living” half-wall, and it’s one of the many ways this home reflects her resourcefulness and style. 

“The biggest challenges were creating functional living spaces for our needs in small spaces,” Antoinette says. “And we were able to achieve all of our goals through some renovating and creative space planning.”

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