4 Easy Ways to Use This Kitchen Staple Throughout Your Home

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Hannah Puechmarin)

Keeping your home tidy with a busy schedule (and limited budget) is no easy feat. But what if we told you we’d unearthed an everyday household item that can organize everything from your closet to your kitchen, for about ten bucks a pop?

Wires racks, people, wire freakin’ dish racks. If you thought they were only good for drying out your recently washed dishes then think again. Turns out these super affordable cuties—like this sleek black one at Bed Bath and Beyond—are durable enough to store fancy stoneware, and all sorts of other stuff around your place, too.

Don’t believe us? Read ahead for a handful of unexpectedly clever ways you can use a dish rack to declutter different areas around your home.

1. In Your Home Office

Designed with thin slats to hold dishware, it’s no surprise that dish racks can nicely store your home office files, too. Instead of a bulky file cabinet or desktop sorter, consider employing a clean-lined dish rack near your home workstation to sort out (and easily access) important folders and paperwork—plus you can stash some pens in the silverware cup to boot!

2. In Your Closet

Looking for a cheap and easy way to score some extra closet storage? Set a wire dish rack somewhere inside your closet to organize your collection of clutches and other small handbags without taking up too much space.

3. As a DIY Home Charging Station

Who knew dish racks could double as full-blown charging stations for your phone and laptop? Clearly the good folks at Buzzfeed, who showed us how simple it is to corral all of your loose electronic cords, as well as your tablets, phones, and laptops with nothing more than a dish rack and a couple of zip ties.

4. To Organize Your Plates and Lids

Seems that dish racks can do more in your kitchen than just hold your wet cookware. Place a dish rack inside one of your kitchen cabinets or drawers to organize all the lids to your pots and pans in one place, or to nicely store your saucers and plates.