Lift Up Kitchen Doors: Sleek Convenience or a Hassle?

Lift Up Kitchen Doors: Sleek Convenience or a Hassle?

Range Govindan
Dec 8, 2010

When you're opting for a sleek and minimal look in your kitchen, lift up doors are an effective way to hide away appliances like microwaves and ovens when not in use. This is definitely an good option for people with kitchens without integrated appliances. But while they look very nice, will looks trump function and hamper the everyday use in the kitchen?

These doors will slide up whenever you need to use your appliances and are usually used to hide away microwaves situated over built-in ovens. This is an option when you are deciding on what kind of appliances you will buy for your kitchen. While the integrated look is nice, it's good to have an alternative. There is no doubt that these doors will make your kitchen look seamless, but will they get hassling to use everyday, especially with the hidden appliance gets a lot of use?

These doors don't come cheap. They cost $350 and upwards. They usually come part as a kit that's placed above a built-in oven. It gives you the option of choosing exactly what kind of appliance you want. The overall high cost makes these hard to justify, unless you absolutely want to have the seamless look. Plus, they can come in a variety of different colors, making your whole kitchen look like a completed unit.

The main benefit is that you're able to hide away appliances that don't match the overall look of your kitchen. The drawback is that the doors have to be lifted each time that you use the hidden away appliances. This is probably not an issue for appliances that are less used. However, if you use your microwave all of the time, then you should forgo these, as they will get annoying, especially for kids.

Most people would rather invest the cost of these doors into new appliances than spend them on these, but all needs are different and we can definitely see people living in modern apartments and lofts wanting to hide away some appliances.

(inspiration: via Appliancist, images via Appliancist and Decorating Forum)

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