Rebekah & Graeme Share Their "Hindsight is 20/20" Kitchen Reno Insights

Rebekah & Graeme Share Their "Hindsight is 20/20" Kitchen Reno Insights

Renovation Diary
Sep 5, 2016
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

Name: Graeme & Rebekah Molloy
Type of Project: Kitchen Remodel
Location: Chautauqua Park, Des Moines, Iowa
Type of building: 1920 Tudor

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Hindsight is 20/20 and, now that their kitchen remodel is complete, Rebekah and Graeme want to share with you everything they wish they knew in the beginning. And if they had a special time machine, here are all the moments they'd set the dial to revisit.

Now that the project is over and you're looking back on it, what are the most important lessons you learned through the remodeling process?

I truly wish we had prepared a better temporary "kitchen" space to use during the process. After the timeline ballooned to nearly double what we had expected, we wish we had a well functioning space to cook while construction was taking place.

If you were to do this again, what would you choose to do differently?

I would have shopped around a bit more for contractors. We ran into more than a few issues — they had to re-tile an entire wall, which set the timeline back quite a bit. I think you learn from every house project you do, and our big lesson here was how to better research and interview for larger scale projects like this!

Did your schedule go as planned? What took more time than you thought it would? What took less time?

No. The timeline ended up being twice as long as we were told. Due to organization and communication errors with the contractor, it felt like pretty much everything took longer than it should have. The countertops weren't ordered on time, so that was the biggest set back...which took us back about an entire week. But, since it wasn't load bearing, the wall between the kitchen and dining room went down much quicker than we thought, which saved some time. That was wonderful!

What is your next project going to be?

Making a human! But I am actually working on the nursery now and many moons down the road we hope to re-finish our upstairs bathroom!

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