Kitchen Storage Fit For Any Room's Decor

Kitchen Storage Fit For Any Room's Decor

Leah Moss
Apr 16, 2010

Small homes often mean tiny kitchens and nearly non-existent cabinet space, which in turn means a double dose of creativity may be necessary for storing kitchen supplies in a way that doesn't scream utilitarian or unsightly. When kitchen cabinets can only hold so much, so why not make the most of the things you leave out in the open?

While I suppose the big question is "how many cook books and kitchen supplies do you really need?" this post is about finding solutions for those non-minimalists among us who don't want to "go without," but still want to make it pretty....especially if it means that kitchen essentials will have to spill out into another room.

Three of the most basic solutions are also the most important:

1. Hide the ugly or clashing, display the pretty (a no-brainer for sure, but so often overlooked)
2. Establish a color scheme for serving dishes, utensils, and mini appliances.
3. Invest in attractive containers.

When I first saw Sarah Humphreys' apartment (picture 1), featured in Martha Stewart, all three points struck me. Her 307 square feet living space seems so much bigger, largely due to the way her kitchen has been redesigned and her kitchen gear has been displayed. She extended her kitchen storage into her living room with a pair of parallel shelves flanking the fireplace. One side holds books and office supplies, but the side closest to the kitchen holds utensils in pretty containers, attractive cookware and serving dishes, and small random kitchen extras like sprinkles in matching storage boxes. Obviously, a lot of styling went into the photos, but nonetheless there are some helpful everyday tips we can glean from them. Sarah's apartment certainly makes a convincing case for color-coding, and it also shows how not to overdo it. The dominate colors of her kitchen pieces — the pots and pans and mixing/serving bowl)— are reinforced in her book groupings, making for an overall sense of cohesion. Without the books— a mix of cookbooks and regular reads— the kitchen supplies in the living room may have looked totally out of place, but their color tie to the books make them fit in almost seamlessly.

What visual solutions have you found for making utilitarian essentials fit into your decor?

Image: Martha Stewartt

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