KitchenAid Just Launched New Coffee Products That Are Sure to Make Your Mornings So Much Better

published Oct 4, 2021
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Credit: KitchenAid

Over the years, the KitchenAid brand has become synonymous with stand mixers. And for good reason—their iconic appliance (and its attachments) has achieved legendary status, becoming a rite of passage for new homeowners, baking enthusiasts, and newlyweds alike.

But don’t call the brand a one-trick pony. KitchenAid also has a slew of other offerings, each as worthy of the cult-like obsession their stand mixer has garnered — from slow cookers and hand mixers to large-scale appliances like dishwashers and ovens. The newest addition to that list of hitmakers? A collection of coffee products set to rival your neighborhood brew joint. Assuming you’re as passionate about your java as we are (duh), we figured you’d want to know the details. Check out our take on the newbies below, and clear space on your countertops — you have some shopping to do.

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The most comprehensive (and luxe) piece of KitchenAid's new coffee collection, this espresso machine lets you brew up lattes, cappuccinos, and pull an espresso shot like a true pro. The semi-automatic gadget (semi-automatic a reference to the fact that it doesn't grind the beans for you) boasts smart temperature sensors, a 15-bar Italian pump that results in a thick crema, and an attached milk frother for your favorite creamy beverage. Get this: The top of the machine even warms your cup for you while you brew. If that isn't luxury, we don't know what is.

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The perfect accompaniment to the espresso machine, this burr coffee grinder will allow you to make the most of your favorite roast, with 70 precise settings that let you narrow in on the exact grind size for your chosen brewing method. Automatic Smart Dosing Technology also takes the guesswork out of, "Uh, how much do I need?" with a system that adjusts the grind time to your desired volume and consistency. Basically, this baby will help you turn into the do-it-all barista of your dreams.

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For those who love a back-to-basics approach, KitchenAid included a traditional drip coffee maker in their collection. Just know this isn't your grandma's old-school brewer, though — the innovative product combines classic coffee preparation with state-of-the-art technology, including a spiral showerhead that evenly saturates your grounds and a strength selector to allow you to choose between "just a bit" and "juice me up." Plus, thanks to 24-hour programmability, you can wake up each morning to the smell of freshly brewed beans... so much better than your iPhone alarm, wouldn't you say?

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We all have that friend that drinks iced coffee no matter what the time of year (hello, I am that friend). Well, this cold brew maker is bound the be the gift that keeps on giving for them. Simply place your favorite grinds into the stainless steel steeper and fill the well with cold water, steep, and enjoy. The roomy gadget makes 28 ounces of coffee with each go, and the reservoir can be stored easily in your fridge for your very own cold brew tap any time you need it.

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If form and function are important to you, then you're going to want to snatch up KitchenAid's precision gooseneck kettle. Available in an electric or stovetop version, each boasts a 1-liter capacity, elegant spout, and your choice of three flow rates so you can create pour over coffee (or steep tea!) like a boss. Plus, thanks to its eye-catching stainless steel body, it will look beautiful displayed on your countertop in between uses.