Kitchens in Cool Tones

Do you keep an inspiration folder on your desktop? We find that it’s great for organizing the many lovely images we run across while preparing these posts, and it’s fun to periodically flip through and see if we notice any trends. Lately it appears we’re all about kitchens in shades of light blues and greens. Here are a few of our favorites…

  1. Love, love, love this cheerful kitchen from Canadian House and Home. We’d place a few pots of fresh herbs outside that perfectly placed window for easy access.
  2. We’re not exactly sure what’s being stored in those big boxes on the top shelf, but leave it to the folks at Martha Stewart to keep this small kitchen perfectly organized.
  3. A kitchen awash in progressively deeper tones of blue-green, from House to Home.
  4. Sharon and Spencer’s Danish & Dogs Domicile is filled with amazing rooms, and the fresh green kitchen is no exception.
  5. Who needs stainless steel? Retro appliances add tons of character to this Catskills Cottage on a Budget, via The New York Times

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