Kleen Sweep: The End All For Fighting Dust Bunnies

Kleen Sweep: The End All For Fighting Dust Bunnies

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 21, 2009

When we moved into our loft, it had previously inhabited by a potter. Even though the floors were clean, there was a ridiculous amount of fine dust that kept sifting up into the air each time we swept, so we headed to the local hardware store for some reinforcements. There we found our new best friend, we wish we had only known about it sooner! Click through the jump to see how this earth friendly product can tame the dust on your floors...

Kleen Sweep is typically used in workshops and garages when sweeping up sawdust or fine dust. When fine dust is swept, it stirs into the air and then falls again on your freshly swept floor which can make surfaces slick and hazardous. Which is what happened in our case. No one wants to chase your dog around the apartment for fun and slip and fall.

The back of the bag gives you two different methods in which to use the product.
Option 1: Sprinkle it lightly everywhere - then sweep it up.
Option 2: Make a line of the product and push it around the floor with the broom.
For either method a push broom is advised, if using it indoors in a smaller area, small or less narrow push brooms can be purchased for a few dollars.

We decided on option 2 and made a line across our floor. Even though we have a large square footage to sweep, we keep our line of "Kleen Sweep Stuff" to about 24". Unless you had a heard of elephants who have recently been taking mud baths come through your place... a small amount of the product will do just fine.

Using the broom we swept our floors clean and the fine dust that once plagued our breathing air and floors had been eliminated. The Kleen Sweep clings to dust and dirt alike and carries it along for the ride, leaving spic and span floors behind you.

We picked our bag of Kleen Sweep up at the local Ace hardware store for less than $10, but all different sizes of bags are available and all were within reason. Want to know if a store near you carries it? Just call before you head out and ask to see if a place near you carries "sweeping compound."

It can be used on more than just concrete floors, wood, tile and vinyl are all able to be tackled with Kleen Sweep. Although it seems silly to make your floors dirtier before cleaning them, it has cut down on our floor care and has always eliminated the need for mopping them as it picked up stubborn mud and dirt that would normally necessitate a mop!

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