Knee Bouncers Presents Online Toddler Games

Games for younger children (think under 18 months) are hard to come by online. There’s a few floating around out there, but usually it’s one game amongst a sea of older-aged games. Knee Bouncers is a one stop shop for bouncing, giggling, wiggling and most of all fun for all — with extra emphasis on the tiny tots!

Knee Bouncers is loaded (currently) with 18 fun-filled games, with everything from numbers to letters to musical instruments and shapes. There’s also a sign up for iPhone apps once they become available and free downloads for coloring pages and even games to load onto your own website. Cool huh?

You’re sure to entertain minds of any age (it occupied us for a solid 15 minutes!) and Knee Bouncers should hopefully provide the entertainment needed for you to accomplish a load of laundry, a sink full of dishes or one of the DIY projects you’ll see here this month.

(Image: Knee Bouncers)