Do You Know Your DIY Limits?

Do You Know Your DIY Limits?

Kate Wangsgard
Jun 24, 2011

Sometimes I get into a DIY frenzy where I think I can do anything. As long as I have my trusty staple gun and a yard or two of fabric I am unstoppable. My biggest moment like this was a few years ago when I decided to take on a large arm chair as my first upholstery project.

I soon realized I was in way, way over my head and that it was a project well beyond my beginner sewing skills but I soldiered on and finished the project. My shoddy workmanship quickly became apparent as the chair started to fall apart. Now I have a large orange chair covered in very expensive fabric looming in the corner taunting me with it's sagging sides and dangling button.

I try not to think about the hours of time and hundreds of dollars wasted and try my best to call the whole thing a learning experience to keep from throwing it out the window. Because, in the end, I did learn my limits. I know that while I can now recover a simple chair with my eyes closed, I will still never take on another complicated project like this that requires so much sewing. I learned that the guy at the fabric store probably can't be trusted and I shouldn't ask him how many yards of fabric I should buy. I learned my son will treat my furniture like playground equipment and if held together with hot glue and staples, they will probably fall apart. And while I sometimes get angry if I look at the chair, I also love it and can't quite bear to get rid of it. Maybe one day I'll take it apart and make something else out of the fabric to remind me of that beast of a chair that got the best of me.

What about you, do you know your DIY limits? What has been is your biggest DIY "learning experience"?

Images: Kate Wangsgard

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