Kodak Pulse Frame

Kodak Pulse Frame

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 29, 2010

Product: Kodak Pulse 7 inch Digital Frame
Price: $119.95
Rating: Strong Recommend*
Digital frames are plentiful, but not many of them purport to be as easy to use as the Kodak Pulse. In order to test how easy to set up and use this frame was, I turned to my mom. My mom does not have the best luck with technology and considers herself tech illiterate (although she knows much more than she gives herself credit for) so with a promise of assistance being a phone call or email away, I handed her the Pulse to review.

The design of the Pulse is clean and unobtrusive with a shiny black front and a matte black back. The footprint of the 7in frame is small and it easily fit among the other frames on the fireplace mantle. Although it was not a perfect decor match for my mom, she did not mind.

The frame came with a Quick Start Guide that explains the steps you need to follow in order to get the frame operational. Connecting to the wireless network was easy, however my mom had more questions than the Quick Start Guide could answer about how to load pictures. She was unhappy that she had to go online to obtain the user's manual and called me to double check that this was indeed the case. Once she had the manual, she was able to load pictures onto the frame without any issue, in her words this was, "a piece of cake."

The frame has 7 self-explanatory icons: play, collage, delete, transition time, friends, previous/next, and health check, which make the device very easy to use. Connecting to Facebook is also very easy and is one of my mom's favorite parts of the frame. Her only complaint was that some images on the frame were "rotated incorrectly" even though when she viewed them on her Mac they had the correct orientation. One small issue she had was learning how to set up the custom email address for the frame to receive pictures. Instructions for have to do this were not in the Quick Start Guide and were not easily found in the manual. After I walked her through this over the phone she was able to accept pictures emailed to the frame without any problems. The picture quality is in her words, "excellent," and make this frame a "great buy" and "quite a find."

In order to test how well the display held up in different lighting conditions, the frame was used in several rooms with various amounts of natural light. The frame performed admirably even in the very bright Florida sun-lit rooms. The amount of accolades that have been heaped on this frame by mother is no small thing coming from someone who professes to be very confused by most technology. This device is becoming her most loved piece of tech and is even exceeding her beloved iMac and sewing machine.

- Inexpensive
- Easy to set up
- Built in WiFi
- Bright display
- Easily navigable touch-screen
- Custom frame email address to receive pictures

- Mom did not like having to go online to access the manual
- No auto-rotate
- No hook to hang it on the wall

The Bottom Line:
The frame is almost as easy to set up as it was purported to be. It has a clean design and a bright and clear display. This device would make a great gift for even the most tech-timid family member and it comes with my mom's stamp of approval. What more could you ask for?

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