Kodak Solar Charger Charge Your Gadgets With the Sun

Kodak Solar Charger Charge Your Gadgets With the Sun

Range Govindan
Aug 3, 2009

It's a known fact that gadgets need to be recharged quite often. It's happened to everyone. It's easy to end up stranded with the power on your gadget just fizzling out. Once you have a dud, you are out of options. There are quite a few solutions out there to help you power them back up again, when you don't have access to a power plug. Since camera film isn't doing too well at the moment, Kodak decided to get into the solar power market.

This solar device by Kodak is a handy little USB charger. It's quite small, but it will charge your gadgets harnessing the power of the sun. Before you get all giddy about this product, let us just tell you that it will take 28 hours to juice up in the sun, or 14 hours via a USB cable. It seems like quite a long time. Naturally, this is the first generation of this Kodak product. We can only expect this to get better over time. For now, it looks like you'll have to buy a few to make this actually effective. We can see how using two in tandem might actually work.

The main problem is that unless you are traveling in a very sunny place, juicing up this charger isn't really feasible. You have to leave it 28 hours in the sun for that to happen. That's over a day. It doesn't make much sense. Even so, it doubles as a USB power pack, though it also recharges quite slowly. Nevertheless, we don't think that you'll need more than one recharge when you are on the go. The trouble comes when you have to recharge it. It will charge your phone, MP3 player, camera and any other device which can be charged by a USB cable. It will be available in September for $40.

[via DVice]

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