This Popular TikTok Keychain Removes The Need To Touch Germy Surfaces

published Aug 2, 2020
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Now, more than ever before, people have become keenly aware of just how germy public surfaces are. Sure, you can combat the potential spread of viruses and bacteria by applying hand sanitizer every five minutes. Or, you can save your hands from constant dryness and avoid touching these gross surfaces altogether by using the Kooty Key.

The Kooty Key is a multipurpose tool that allows users to press buttons, open doors, and even use touchscreens without using their hands, thus lessening the chances of people picking up and spreading around harmful germs.

The Kooty Key has been around since well before the era of COVID-19. However, it’s popularity has spiked due to the pandemic, although the main way the virus spreads is through person-to-person contact, and not surfaces (wear a mask). Recently, the Kooty Key found TikTok fame thanks to Simply Charmed Boutique, a small business that combines the Kooty Key with their own keychain-related products.

The original Kooty Key, which can be purchased on the Kooty Key website or Amazon for $9.99, comes with a belt attachment and retractable leash. But, if you’re looking to make your Kooty Key a stylish accessory, Simply Charmed sells the tool on silicone bracelet-style O-rings ($35), allowing the Kooty Key to always be within reach.

For $45, customers can purchase Simply Charmed’s “TikTok Trifecta,” which includes the Kooty Key, a silicone O-ring keychain, and a jewelry latch that safely houses any small pieces of jewelry you might want to keep safe and clean while out and about.

The Kooty Key itself comes in five different colors, so you can build your own germ-free keychain from scratch. It’s small enough that it can be kept on the same key ring as your car fob, yet mighty enough to open any door—including car doors. 

Of course, keep the hand sanitizer handy, and make sure to disinfect your Kooty Key after each outing.