Kug: The Water Boiling Mug

Kug: The Water Boiling Mug

Kristen Lubbe
May 13, 2010

We remember the days of working in an office and having to commute everyday. We would make coffee before leaving the house and by the time we got to work, it would be cold. On the rare occasion it wasn't cold when we arrived, it would surely be cold after a few minutes of work. We always wanted a cheaper alternative to stopping for coffee on the way and we finally found it.

As soon as we saw the Kug we immediately thought of our parents, and then we remembered when we worked in an office and went out to get coffee. We would drink the majority of it, get really busy, and not realizing how much time had elapsed &mdash we'd take a drink only to discover the coffee was ice cold. The Kug eliminates that disappointing moment of realization.

The Kug works by pouring water directly from the tap (or filtration system from your fridge, whatever floats your boat) and attaching the charging station to the bottom of the Kug &mdash the water heats up and you're on your way. The Kug can be used in your home, car or office to make a new Kug of coffee/tea or reheat!

The Kug was originally designed for arthritis suffers by college students Ben Millett and Alan Harrison. We're not arthritis sufferers and we're extremely interested in this product. We love that it can be plugged in the car to continue heating while you commute to work.

Unfortunately for us, the Kug is not yet available in stores, but from the looks of things we should hopefully be expecting it sometime this year.

Kug Ad from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

[via Gizmodo]

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