Kyle's Kitchen Revision

Kyle's Kitchen Revision

Kyle Freeman
Mar 10, 2010

I've made the bittersweet decision to step down from weekly blogging for Apartment Therapy for the time being. Before I go, in honor of Apartment Therapy's Kitchen and Bath Month, I'm providing a close-up look at my kitchen, which has evolved a fair amount since my last house tour, Kyle's Jamaica Plain Gem, 1 Year Later.

During my Apartment Therapy tenure, I seemed to have a knack for eliciting wild reader responses to my sometimes odd design choices. (The one that will never cease to make me smile is this: "Dear Lord, Kyle, have you lost your mind?") And today's goodbye-for-now post may be no exception. I'm guessing that it's going to drive you crazy that my kitchen pendant light isn't hanging directly over the kitchen table. Well, the truth is that I just haven't made time to change it, but I didn't want a healthy dose of perfectionism to stop me from sharing my kitchen updates. So, be kind dear readers. You don't want our goodbye to be riddled with unconstructive criticism, do you?

Before I list the changes I've made to my kitchen, there are a couple things you should know. First, I'd rather go to the dentist than cook a time-intensive meal. Sad, but true. So I try to make my kitchen feel as little like a place to cook as possible, and more like a lounge. The other thing you may know by now is that I lean a little towards an overkill aesthetic when it comes to color, objects, things on the wall. My kitchen is no exception.

So here's what I've done since I last showed you my kitchen:

-Added Flor tiles. These are Metadoodle, Blingy Bronze. You'd be surprised how resilient they are to splatters and other soiling. Well, might also have to do with the fact that I don't really cook a whole lot.

-Removed the tall stools and counter height table. I wanted a more grounded and welcoming place to sit, so I brought the table from my dining room into the kitchen. I love it in here!

-Reduced the color scheme. Yes, this is reduced. Before, nearly ever color of the rainbow, with the exception of purple had equal representation in my wild kitchen. Now I've tried to reduce the palette to primarily orange, green, yellow, white, and brown. The throw pillows on the bench might look different but I just flipped them over. That's why I make throw pillows with two distinctly different sides.

-I added a kitschy little electric fireplace! I wanted a fireplace so badly but for various reasons I wasn't able to go with a wood-burning, pellet, or gas fireplace. Some might consider an electric fireplace about as tacky as it gets. Not this girl; I'm willing to sink that low. And I love it!

Well that just about does it. I'll miss you, you passionate and lovable design aficionados.

Best wishes,
-Kyle Freeman, Interior ReDesigner and Professional Organizer

Images: Kyle Freeman

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