LA City Petitions and Applications for Street Lighting Installation

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did you know that you can request that the city install a street light if you meet certain criteria? Neither did we, until this weekend!

We live on a busy street intersection which is insufficiently lit, despite the regular pedestrian foot traffic (walkers, joggers and bikers get no love in Los Angeles). So we did a little research online and found these petition forms to request for improved lighting; if you meet the following requirements below, a brand new street light could be lighting your footsteps soon…

1. There is an existing wooden utility pole at the requested location.
2. There is no other street light within 300 feet, or, the location is at an unlighted intersection with a wooden utility pole.
3. The utility pole must not be on private property. If the utility pole is on private property please call the Department of Water and Power at (213) 367-9966 for information on the Outdoor Area Lighting Program.
4. The request is to light a public right-of-way (street, sidewalk or alley).

And if you’re unfortunate not to meet these requirements, you could possibly consider investing in one of these Solar Motion Floodlights. Using an outlet-free solar charging panel and motion sensor, a 3-LED floodlight can help illuminate dark areas for safety. Either way, let there be light!