LA Cure: Weekend - Week 3

LA Cure: Weekend - Week 3

Abby Stone
Mar 28, 2008

bellaebrutto's painted her room. Nice!

Wow, you guys are really shaking your tails and making good progress. Now, what can you finish up this weekend? If you haven't already, take some time to set yourself up with a landing strip. Next week, we'll have a little retail therapy and get rid of some of the stuff in your Outbox. Until then, jump below for a refresher on this week's assignment and a look at the progress your fellow Curees have been making.

Aimeeroo's switching to a one room cure and working on her master bedroom. She's thinking about painting. Anyone have any colour suggestions?
This week of the Cure, for those doing the Deep Treatment, emphasized how the gateway to your home, the landing strip, can really make a difference in how much clutter comes into your apartment. You've been working on the entranceway, clearing it out and thinking about what you bring in. Check out some of the inspirational posts we've had this week here and here). From our experience, it really does set the stage for how you look at the rest of your house. We think it helps to photograph your home from both sides of this space. We tried this exercise last year and it really helped to focus us on how to "style" this space. We use this trick whenever we're stuck on what to get rid of. PS: You don't have to post the pictures but, of course, we'd love to see them.

For those of you doing the One-Room workout, how are your colour choices coming? Narrowing down what tone a room should be (warm or cool) can help you declutter what won't fit in that room. When we did our own bedroom, once we made the decision to go for a cool palette, our choices were narrowed down and everything started to make sense. And a lot of stuff went into the outbox!

Sparklerawk got the duvet cover she (and we) have been jonesing for but now she wondering if she's going to have to paint the wall. What do you guys think?

To Do This Week (Deep Treatment):

  • Vacuum or dust mop your entire apartment

  • Clean and declutter your entrance. (Move all the old mail, catalogues and magazines from all over your apartment or house to the Outbox.)

  • Arrange to have all repairs taken care of over the next three weeks.

  • Identify cool room and warm rooms and apply the 80/20 color rule.

  • Cook two meals at home this week.

  • Design an invitation to your housewarming.

To Do This Week (One Room Workout):

  • Research your shopping list (use our online resources).

  • Research and call in help.

  • Determine cool room and warm rooms and apply the 80/20 colour rule.

  • Determine if window treatments are necessary.

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