LA Good Questions: How Do I Change a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Keith writes in with a question about some furniture amputation we’re hoping someone out there might be able to help with (because we certainly haven’t cut and refinished aluminum legs ourselves):

I’ve been searching all over LA for a big, nice, simple, inexpensive but ‘expensive looking’ low coffee table. Finally and amazingly, I found ‘IT’ at IKEA today, the ‘NORRSTEN’ for $199. Perfect, right?

Wrong! Coz it’s a DINING table and it’s 15″ too tall!

I desperately in need AT’s help to tell me who and how can I get the aluminum, pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coated table legs shortened in LA, more importantly with good craftsmanship and hopefully cheap?!

I’m in love with this table and I have NO other alternative besides elevate ALL my living room furniture 15″ higher. I think I’m going crazy… please, please H-E-L-P!!!