LA Good Questions: How to Paint Walls With High Ceilings?

LA Good Questions: How to Paint Walls With High Ceilings?

Grace Shu
Feb 22, 2008

This question came from a disgruntled friend over the iChat: So, I just moved into a place that has high ceilings--about 25 feet! And the walls are an icky dark-ish beige and the ceilings are an off-white...I really can't afford to hire someone to paint the place, but I'm wondering if I could just roll up my sleeves one weekend and do it myself? Are there any tricks you know of when it comes to painting walls with high ceilings?

[ Photo from HomeBuilding: The Fun Times Guide ]

To our friend, we say sincerely: Bribe as many people as possible to come and help you (uh, but not us. We're going to be, uh, busy...doing laundry...and stuff...). Then, start looking at extension poles to add on to your paint rollers. Oh, and some ladders and probably a 36-pack of beer. Aside from those four things, there really isn't much more to getting the job done. However, we have seen some places where people just paint up to a certain point (usually the limit of their extension pole) and let the wall and ceiling blend together, but that might not work considering that your walls and ceiling are completely different colors. And if you're feeling really extreme, you may even consider renting scaffolding for a weekend.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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