LA Good Questions: Large Couch vs. Small Door

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT:LA,
I recently bought my first condo and my couch that is a gem, beautiful mid-century piece I just bought in August from a Palm Spring antique store would not fit it in the door. I have been reading about couch doctors but they all seem to be in NYC. Is there anyone AT can suggest in Los Angeles?
Very best,

*please note accompanying photo is not Delaney’s couch, doorway or hall.

[photo: Eric Mattes from The Legendary Couch Moving Epic]

Delaney, you might find some solace in reading the trials and tribulations of this couch moving debacle from a few years back.

Alfie Hume of Hume Modern Furniture Restoration might be your man. Mr. Hume specializes in Mid-Century era repair and restoration and you can even request a quote online. He might be able to properly disassemble and reassemble your newfound gem with assurance.

Hume Modern Furniture Restoration
phone at 310.314.6936,