LA Good Questions: Warm LED Bulbs?

LA Good Questions: Warm LED Bulbs?

Gregory Han
May 21, 2008

Dearest AT:LA, I recently painted my living room gray, which I love! But come nighttime my eco-friendly bulbs are making it look lavender (in a very goo goo ga ga nursery kind of way) ! Any suggestions on warmer glowing LED or Halogen bulbs that won't cast such florescent harsh light?Help!!

Thank you

Kristin, compact fluorescent light bulb surprisingly can near the warmth of incandescent bulbs if you take into consideration the Correlated Color Temperature. CCT designated between 2,650 and 2,800 degrees Kelvin and labeled as "warm white" are best for interior home use and put out a more yellow-warm light that doesn't give you the pallor of gouda cheese. We had plenty of early trial and error learning about this ourselves a few years back when we started changing out all our incandescent bulbs, one by one. Personally, I'm happy with GE brand CFL bulbs readily available at Target (though 1/4 of the time I've had to return non-working bulbs for replacements). You can also mix and match a CFL with a low watt incandescent for multi-bulb overhead lighting if you want to meet half way...even one bulb matters (and kudos to you for looking for the eco-friendly choice).

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