LA Home Roundup: July 25, 2005

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • Grace Under Pressure: Plywood is having its high-style moment in every aspect of interior design.

  • High on The Concept: Aaron R. Thomas took his parents plastic fabrication business and created a line of acrylic furniture — renditions of classic Eames and Chippendale designs.

  • Bright Spot in Bug Traps: A new, good-looking lantern creates a better way to keep the bugs away.

  • A Natural Foil for Flowers: The silver and blue-green shades of artemisia are more about foliage than flowers, but create quite an impact regardless. Think about the little pot of tarragon in the kitchen, the billowing stands of wormwood in the garden, and sagebrush growing in the wild.

  • Breathing Life, Depth into ‘Six Feet Under’: Decorating the show to reflect the different lifestyles (and psyches) of the LA based Fisher family.

  • Alabaster, Authentic And in Spirit: To scrimp or to splurge? Two choices on the soft, creamy stone. one is available to the trade for $2,200 at the Hinson & Co. showroom. The other is by Rachel Ashwell at Target for $24.99.

  • “But Mom, I like it this way…”:
    Moldy dishes under the bed aside, experts suggest that maybe it’s okay to give up the battle on your kid’s messy rooms.
  • New Line of Furniture for Talk Show Host Cristina:
    Cristina Saralegui (an Oprah en español) launches the Casa Cristina collection for Pulaski Furniture.