LA House Tour: Sharon’s Home Gallery

Name: Sharon Suh
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Size: 1050 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years


(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What does one do when they’ve accumulated a sizable collection of art and photography in a moderate size space? Photographer Sharon Suh has collected numerous photographic prints during her stints as a photo editor and has incorporated her impressive collection as the heart and soul of her West Hollywood apartment, carefully framing the photos with a selection of MidCentury furnishings that compliment their spirit…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


AT Survey:

My/Our style: Post Century Modern Meets Contemporary

Inspiration: Julius Shulman’s photos from his book Modernism Now, Apartment Therapy bloggers, Lizzie Garrett of designwatcher.COM, and Nat Turner and Dara at Domino.

Favorite Element: I think my favorite thing about my apartment is that I picked every single piece and each item was purchased at a different time in my life. Its nice to have a collection of items that has taken years, rather than going out and buying everything at once just to get it decorated. My favorite thing in the apartment is the credenza, and the black vinyl chair.

Biggest Challenge: Having a tight budget with expensive taste and starting the new kitchen redesign with the space that I have. Everything that I own was purchased used except for the couch, bed, and dining table.

What Friends Say: Everyone seems to like what I have done mixing great classic pieces with garage sale finds. Everyone wants to know where everything is from and I have been asked to help with interiors since I am such a bargain shopper. I have a whole folder of ideas from magazines and blogs.

Biggest Embarrassment: Pergo floors and the kitchen. I would like to redo the floors with bamboo wood, and I am a bit clueless when it comes to window treatments.

Biggest Indulgence: With respect to my home- recessed lighting.

Best advice: Buy one expensive piece a year and invest in wallpaper and good paint.

Dream source: Apartment Therapy,, Domino, Design Sponge.



Appliances: I will start my kitchen redesign in one week! I have sources from my magazine Bon Appetit and some kitchen experts like Amy Albert, but I could use any help I can get!

Furniture: Online furniture store by Alexis called…I have found some great used furniture like the Noguchi table, eames chairs, herman miller chairs, credenza.
CB2.Com-got the black metal side table next to the eames chairs…only $199.
Blueprint in Los Angeles on Beverly Blvd-got the white couch and white modern bench.
Garage sales in the West Hollywood area- post century modern random chairs. All the white dinnerware, and white glass items in the black steel bookcase shelves. All were under $15.
Dining table purchased at SHELTER on Beverly. This is a black steel table, very heavy! purchased at 60% OFF during a sale.

Accessories: Dinnerware – Most of it were finds at Garage Sales, mixed with Tord Boonje, Anthropolgie, and CB2. Heavy vases were purchased in a New York City fleamaret. (yellow and Green from a Danish glass blower). Books…were all purchased 2nd hand on

Lighting: Lights – I got the recessed lighting in the bedroom from Gil’s Electric in the Valley. They install 4 lights for $60 each light…they brought everything and had it done in 2 hours.
In the living room: George Nelson light in the dining room-Modernica. Living room lamps…all white lamp from Blue Print on Beverly at there yearly summer sale for $129…vintage lamp with yellow shade from was $100.
Bedroom lamps from West Elm on sale for $50 each.

Rugs and Carpets: Cowhide rug from Buenos Aires for $200

Tiles and Stone: Kitchen will be next to redesign. Starting in two weeks!

Window Treatments: Roller shades that are solar

Beds: Sterns and Foster Fours Season’s bed purchased at Ortho Mattress with all white Matteo Bedding.

Artwork: All the photographs you see are original prints from the photographer signed . I used to be a photo editor at Vanity Fair, Instyle, and GQ and Bon Appetit. I got alot of gift prints that I will treasure forever. These prints are priceless. Ex. Peggy Sirota, Larry Fink, Cedric Angeles, Joao Canziani, Jonathan Becker, Lucas Zarebinski, Jason Bell, artwork by Quentin Curry, illustrator is Eveline Pad, David Jackle (Herb Ritts’ assistant), Walter Chin, Anita Calero, Marc Baptiste, Christian Witkin.

Paint: Pratt and Lambert for bedroom, I am slowing going to get each room. Home Depot white in the rest of the house. Grey Home depot brand in the bathrooms.

Flooring: Next on my list to redo. Bamboo hard wood floors.

Other: The doors are all from Home Depot. The replacement of the doors throughout the condo apt, added a nice clean modern edge to the ugly doors that were here when I purchased the condo. They were only $99 each and I had home depot install them and deliver all the goods. When getting a home depot card, you get 10% off a large purchase if you make one and a payment plan can be worked out where there is no interest for 6 months!

I purchased this wallpaper at a store in the Valley for 1/2 off the wallpaper on Beverly Blvd. I will have to get the name of the place from the prop stylist that gave it to me. I paid $120 for the wallpaper, and then paid $185 for a local guy to install it. I have his number too if you need it for reference.

(Thanks, Sharon!)


Photos by Sharon Suh
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)