LA SLINKS…or is it sLAnks?

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  • SHOW:I Adore this shop. Great owner picking(and making!) some excellent pieces for this Los Feliz specialty store. While looking for on line info I came across this great site called STYLEMAVEN.
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  • Roubini Rugs : for even more outragous looks.
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  •, this is not the strangest item for sale on this site.
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  • Lyle and Umbach: Fire Screen Writer’s Almanac:
  • It was on this day in 1928, Sylvia Beach invited James Joyce and Scott Fitzgerald to dinner at her apartment over her Paris Bookstore Shakespeare & Company. Fitzgerald became drunk. He said he was such a fan of Joyce’s that he would throw himself out the window to prove it.
  • POEM: “A Caterpillar on the Desk” by Robert Bly from The Morning Glory.
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