LA Spring Cure O8: Week 4: Clearing Out and Preparing to Shop

LA Spring Cure O8: Week 4: Clearing Out and Preparing to Shop

Abby Stone
Mar 31, 2008

Good quotes: My outbox, or outpile, shrank when I invited my friends to take whatever they wanted home. One friend joked that she felt like it was her birthday, and I laughed and said I felt like Oprah Winfrey doing her Big Gift, "All of my guests today get to bring something home!" -Tanrazz

Okay guys, how are you holding up? This week marks the halfway point. We think you deserve a pat on the back. We're seeing a lot of improvement in your homes. We hope you're seeing it too. From our own experience doing the Cure, it's important to take a moment this week to celebrate your accomplishments. Look at your original to do list and see how far you're come.

For those doing the Deep Treatment, the focus this week's on the Living Room. This is the time to tackle your MEDIA – from cds to dvds to books. Believe us when we say that organizing it will go a long way towards how this room feels. We're also planning to cook at home 3x this week. Keep it simple and don't think you have to start from scratch every night. Some of our best meals have used last night's leftovers as the starting point for our creativity. Head over to our sister site, The Kitchn, for inspiration and recipes.

  • Clean up the Living Room and related closets

  • Declutter books and media

  • Cancel your catalogues

  • Empty your Outbox

  • Consider increasing or decreasing color in each room

  • Consider increasing or decreasing hardness or softness in each room.

  • Cook three meals at home

  • Send out your invitations

Those doing the One Room Workout, will be drawing up their shopping lists and considering Carb vs. Protein furniture. We encourage you to go for quality when you're shopping.

  • Begin your shopping list and enter all prices in a spreadsheet.

  • Consider the scope of the work to be done

  • Consider hiring a professioal organizer

  • Visit a paint store to collect samples

Pep talk: We're halfway there! Don't be concerned if you're feeling like you're not accomplishing enough or your place looks like a tornado hit it. Those things are normal. This week we'll be working on getting rid of a lot of media. Especially if you're uploading cds (a time consuming task), tackle the project a few minutes at a time, while you're doing other things. A lot can get accomplished while you're watching the return of your favorite tv shows or cooking.

Tanrazz invited her friends to take stuff from her outbox.

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