LA Spring Cure O8: Week 4 – Weekend

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steph vixen’s unsure about the new paint in her bathroom but we like it. So, we’ve reached the halfway point. You guys ready to see this Cure through to the end? How’s your living room looking? How’s your shopping list shaping up? How big’s your outbox? And did the invitations to your housewarming hit the mail?
Jump below for a refresher on this week’s assignment and a look at the progress your fellow Curees have been making.
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suziegoombs’s has organized her bookshelves by colour; very lame found these great candlesticks. We can’t wait to see what she does with them. This week of the Cure, for those doing
the Deep Treatment, had us take a look at the media we bring into and store in our homes. You guys have been doing a great job with this time-consuming task. For most of us, storing this stuff takes up a lot of available living space. Hopefully, now that you’ve decluttered a good chunk of it, you’ve considered other ways of handling it.

Deep Treatment:

  • Clean up the Living Room and related closets

  • Declutter books and media

  • Cancel your catalogues

  • Empty your Outbox

  • Consider increasing or decreasing color in each room

  • Consider increasing or decreasing hardness or softness in each room.

  • Cook three meals at home

  • Send out your invitations

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beccaroni‘s got the wire monster under control! For those of you doing
the One-Room Workout, you may have spent a lot of time online or in stores, looking at furniture, researching prices and adjusting your budget. If you don’t find what you want, wait. We believe it’s better to buy less furniture and live with a room that’s a little bare until you’re able to find or purchase the best quality.

One Room Workout:

  • Begin your shopping list and enter all prices in a spreadsheet.

  • Consider the scope of the work to be done

  • Consider hiring a professioal organizer

  • Visit a paint store to collect samples

We want to applaud everyone for all the cooking they’ve been doing. The pictures that you’ve posted of your meals are mouthwatering.

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Rmossman’s media center is looking great!

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