LA Summer: Are We Done Yet?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It is so hard to figure out when summer ends and fall begins here in Los Angeles. No one is sporting obligatory scarf and hat sets or yummy overcoats.
Obvious time markers like school starting, Labor day, and Holloween decorations don’t do it.

The one thing we have noticed is our favorite breakfast is starting to lack its usual taste perfection. It’s the avocados. They are starting to get that bland taste that tells us its time to put away our morning treat and get out the hot oatmeal.

It’s a shame really,because we have found that there is NOTHING we like more than a hardboiled egg (egg white only), half of an avocado, a table spoon of olive oil and salt and pepper all mixed together in a bowl. Beautiful, light, healthy and delish. Goodbye yummy treat. See you next year.