LA Times Home & Garden Roundup 03.27.10

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Quick, when you think of LA and design, what do you think of? The articles that caught our eye in this week’s, our last, roundup of The LA Times Home & Garden section speak to the car culture and the outdoors, the springboards for Southern California living. Take a house tour of an organic modern home in Glendale; whet your appetite for the Theodore Payne Foundation’s annual garden tour; learn the history of the sugar shaker that graces the counters and tables of so many diners and, for a jolt of Hollywood, take a look at some of the designs that have sprung out of the collaboration between Cappellini and Disney. Links to these articles, and more, including another house tour, after the jump.

Home Tour: ‘Organic modern’ in the hills of Glendale: Often the biggest challenge with getting a great place at a bargain price is having a good eye and the ability to see the potential in an otherwise scary space. Attorney Christophe Burusco was able to see beyond the golden shag carpet and the pink plaid wallpaper to the light-filled, view-saturated space that resulted.

The Dry Garden: Previewing Theodore Payne’s annual native garden tour: Yeah yeah yeah, native garden, schmative garden. You want something lush and verdant. If, when you hear the words “native garden” you think of a sandy space in shades of brown and dry, you’ll want to join this tour of local gardeners whose spaces will quickly change your mind. You can check out the previews in Emily Green’s column for the next three weeks to whet your appetite for what you’ll be seeing.

Back Story: The men behind a sweet design: It is often the most ordinary objects, the ones we see all the time and that we overlook, that are the most beautifully designed. They’ve been around for a long time because they work. A look at the history of the sugar shaker, a necessity on every diner and coffee shop table.

Fine Italian furniture speaks with a Disney accent: If the phrase “Disney furniture” conjures up something that would be more appropriate for your three year old godson than your living room, you’re about to have your world upended. The collaboration between Cappellini and Disney has produced a line that may find you wishing on a star for your dreams of owning it to come true.

Other articles you might be interested in: an exhibition of Margaret Keane’s paintings, those depictions of sad, doe-eyed children that you don’t know whether to love or hate, will be shown at the Philip Morris Gallery on Robertson; if your taste runs a little less mid-century and a little more towards traditional antiques, check out this elegant and far from stuffy home tour.