LA Times House & Garden “Loft re-imagined”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week’s LA Times House & Garden’s cover story was “The Loft-reimagined.” The article, by Christopher Hawthorne, explores the recent surge in “loft living” in downtown LA. Several residential developments were featured, each very different from one other, but together share a “hybrid style of urban living that’s all our own.”

The article continues with a report of each of the three developments, each in various stages of completion. The writer went to each one, acting as a normal prospective renter or buyer, and noted “where the overlapping strands of architecture, history, real estate and marketing come together downtown.” The writer notes that a big difference between the original New York “loft living” and this new Los Angeles movement is the reversal of space. Original NY loft dwellers sought out old industrial buildings for larger spaces and more light, and here, apparently most loft buyers will have to give up space, and a backyard, and a garage. Overall, an interesting read, check out the full article here.

Are there any ATLA readers that live in these new loft developments in Downtown? How do you feel about living there? What made you decide to live there, and how are you liking it so far?

Image from Mark Boster for LA Times