LA Times: Neighborhood Easter Eggs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
As much as Los Angeles is known as a colourful town, the truth is most homeowners rarely veer away from the safety of neutral and beige exterior paints to grace the walls and trim of their homes. The LA Time’s
Painting the Town Red, Tangerine and Cobalt discusses the battle between conformity and individuality between those who choose to cross that line and into the realm of “what’s up with that house” territory.

Perhaps because a great many of people are concerned with resale value rather than making a personal statement, many see “easter egg homes” as the equivalent to a “house that’s been run down”. Personally, having lived in Silver Lake, Venice, San Francisco (next to the lovely rainbow of Painted Ladies), and also more tract developed neighborhoods like Northridge and Encino, I’d have to argue the opposite is often true. I sometimes have problems discerning the difference in homes in Irvine and Porter Ranch, but I’m sure as heck aware when I’ve entered Venice.

Colourful homes tend to be the product of colourful and creative neighbors who take obvious pride and interest in their homes, not run down ghettos as expressed by some in the article. These neighborhoods tend to be highly desirable (and also highly priced)…where texture, colour and diversity are valued as much as square footage. If anything, in these times of catalog conformity, I’m thrilled there’s a brave minority venturing and experimenting with colour (because where are we going to find our next round of Color Contest entrants if everyone is colour shy?). So here’s to that cute little canary yellow house down the street, the vibrant red front door around the corner, and anyone else brave enough to take a small or big risk with colour. ATLA salutes you!