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Label Cords At Both Ends for Maximum Organization

published May 6, 2011
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If writing about technology has taught me anything, it’s that products and processes can always be improved. No matter how smart an idea seems, there’s a good chance it’ll get blown out of the water by something new later down the line. And it doesn’t just apply to the high-tech world. Your little efficient household habits can always stand an improvement. Like this: You might find your cable jungle gets easier to navigate if you label each cord not once, but twice.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever needed to remove a device from your entertainment center? What should be a simple process becomes a puzzling feat.

While you might know which plug in the power strip belongs to the BluRay player you’re loaning to a friend (you know, because you were smart and labeled it “BluRay”), it’s still almost impossible to guess which one of the HDMI cords plugged into your TV belongs to that same BluRay player.

Unless, of course, you were smart and labeled both ends!

An article in our hometown newspaper about getting your home office wired for success led us to this gem of a tip:

“First, we will put a label at both ends of every wire and cable… On one end it might say: ROUTER. On the other end of the same cable: BILL’S COMPUTER. Make the same kind of labels for every wire and cable. You’ll end up with labels like: iPHONE CHARGER, SPEAKER POWER, TO MODEM, FROM MODEM. You get the idea.”

It’s a brillant way to keep your cords in order. Plus it becomes extra useful when you’re getting ready to unplug everything and cord-wrangle from scratch, like the article’s author.

Need creative cord labels? Try bread tags, like in the photos in this post, or any one of the other 10 Things You Already Own to Wrangle and Label Cords.