LADWP’s Free Bathroom Makeover!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s been a lot of media attention about energy and fuel conservation these days, and justifiably so, with that tandem forces of rising petroleum prices and escalating consumer demands. But in the media storm of oil and fuel conservation, we should not forget the most basic of human needs that demands our conservation attention also: H20.

Yesterday, while fulfilling my civic duty and awaiting news of whether I needed to serve jury duty, I came upon an advertisement in the Downtown News newspaper from the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, offering quite a deal for residential customers looking for an economic way to help water conservation. The LADWP will replace and install at absolutely no cost:

• FREE Ultra-Low Flush Toilets
• FREE Low Flow Showerheads
• FREE Water-Saving Faucet Aerators

The LADWP will also test your existing toilet for leaks and repair. But this offer is supposedly ending soon, so it seems common sense to contact them as soon as possible at their Toilet Exchange Program’s direct line (800.203.7380) or via their website and got on this amazing deal.