Landon Cole Furniture

storefront Landon Cole.jpgLandon Cole has beautiful furniture. The good style and craftsmanship makes the prices seem justified. Found on La Brea,
we think Landon Cole is a must when looking to design a room.

For us, being able to find good pieces that can be custom made to fit any space is a huge benefit, and at Landon Cole Furniture, We can do just that.

Landon cole buffet.jpgWe had some huge wood-framed mirrors made for a client that were as affordable as any found elsewhere, and because they were made to fit the space, created a more elegant vibe. Landon made them with a quick turn-around and even installed them for us so there were no worries about the mirrors once they were in place.

NO16CHAIR landon cole.jpgWe love the look of so many pieces, and always find good accessories as well. They have a number of woods and fabrics to choose from so anything that you can imagine can be actualized. Plus, Landon and his crew are great to work with.

This was originally posted 9/8/05