4 Ways Laptop Users Can Prepare for the Worst

4 Ways Laptop Users Can Prepare for the Worst

Campbell Faulkner
May 11, 2011

Backing up your laptop data is something is unfortunately given ">little thought by the average person. Well, until things go pear shaped and data is lost or corrupted. Chances are the average person's laptop backup is more than a week old. This leaves any laptop user in peril if the hard drive or other components fail (and they eventually will)...

Laptops are wonderful for their ease of use and portability, but these facts seem to act as the catalyst for us not to actually back them up. Often we tend to forget or just become lazy and not plug our laptops in which leaves us without a solid back up or one that is woefully out of date. Unless one is a rigorous user of various methods of backup on the go,or has a stationary laptop, most modern users do not backup properly. Below is a list of some different ways to backup laptops.

  1. NAS: Networked attached storage is our preferred way to backup due to ease and seamless. Whenever we use our computer around the house it is backed up though our network to a harddrive stored with our router. Freeing us from needing to remember to plug something into our laptop. The downside is that our computer is only backed up when we are on our home network.
  2. Internet Backup: Up until recently, we would have easily recommended that users stick to online backup solutions if they travel frequently and want simple to configure and forget backup solutions. But, that has all changed with more and more ISPs going to capped data limits. A non-techy user will likely be fine with online backup and a metered internet plan, but a hardcore user could easily exceed their monthly bandwidth by relying upon online solutions which makes online backup less of a no brainer than it used to be. If you're just looking to backup and access your music collection, you might want to consider Music Beta by Google.
  3. Carry an External Drive Everywhere: We've tried out this model of laptop backup only to find it failed miserably in our hands. While it is easy to stuff a drive in our bag, remembering or wanting to dig it out is always such a hassle. Our good intentions are often made worthless leaving us without a good backup and certainly no excuse for our laziness, but this may work for those more diligent and is getting more affordable with drive costs at an all-time low.
  4. No Backup?: The no backup options is the one that we cannot recommend, but often is the one most frequently practiced. Many people have been lulled into complacency due to how well modern computers do their jobs. We admit this is likely some of the reason we do not feel more compelled to backup no matter what!

How do you keep your laptop safe?

(Top image: Flickr member TimWilson licensed under Creative Commons)

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