Laptop Pet Peeves: Things You Hate About Your Laptop

Laptop Pet Peeves: Things You Hate About Your Laptop

Range Govindan
Oct 11, 2010

Love them or leave the, laptops are here to stay. Say what you will, even though a lot of people will gush over their new toys, laptops do have some faults. Hopefully in the next few years, these problems will be addressed and corrected so that we'll all love our laptops to no end.

1. Battery Life
All laptop manufacturers make these ludicrous claims about battery life. In real world situations, most people know that you'll be lucky to get a little more than half of these incredibly boosted numbers. A year or so later, you get stuck with a battery that will hold a much shorter charge. Luckily, this is constantly improving. Already, new battery technology allows some MacBooks to hold the charge longer. The same is true for some PC laptops.

2. WiFi
WiFi is the way to go, but we'd like to be able to access the Internet from anywhere for free and not have to worry too much about a 3G network. Some cities are like that, but we'd like to see all cities have lots of free WiFi.

3. Airports, Planes & Public Transport, Hotels
How hard is it to allow travelers good and free WiFi access? Some airports have free WiFi, while others will only give you 15-30 minutes before you have to take out your credit card. More and more companies are offering free WiFi on flights, but it needs to be standard. The same goes for hotels, where you can pay $5 to $20 a day for Internet access.

4. Trackpad
MacBook trackpads are cool, but we dislike using any trackpad. The actual position of the trackpad doesn't make much sense if you touch-type, which is why we always use a small travel mouse. There should be a better solution to this.

5. Weight
Overall, laptops are still a bit heavy, especially if you lug it around every day. While I carry mine around in a backpack, it does get a bit heavy when I have my books, lunch, camera, notebooks, and pencil cases in there as well. My wife often complains about the weight of her MacBook Pro 13. Ultimately, laptops should be a lot lighter, two or three pounds at the most. That would be optimal.

[images via Notebook Review, Notebooks]

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