Laptop Thief Taunts Victim Via Her Facebook

Laptop Thief Taunts Victim Via Her Facebook

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 18, 2009

It sees bad enough that this poor victim had to lose all of her irreplaceable photos on her laptop when it was stolen last week, but now Victoria, a woman in the UK, has to deal with an even more invasive and startling nuisance than having to buy everything she lost all over again. That is, having arrogant thief taunt her directly on her Facebook page..

From the Telegraph:

Victoria Richardson, 42, from Hove, East Sussex, was burgled last week, losing an iPhone, a Nintendo DS games console, a handbag containing a purse, cash and debit cards and a black Toshiba laptop.

Ms Richardson said: "I felt very spooked. I have never felt like that before. It felt like they were rubbing my nose in it.

"They have been in your physical space, and then they are in your online space. My friends could all see what they were writing so it was really degrading.

The callous thief then mocked the fact they had left Victoria's television because it was 'rubbish', adding: "I have the laptop , phones ok but a bit scratched itll do, tv was rubbish so I left it , ds was a bonus, now to the porn shop, thankyou toshiba is my favourite make".

College move-in time is one of the hottest times for burglars, so if you're headed out to school or happen to be one of the few who work in easily viewable "living room offices," be wary of unlocked doors at night, easy-entry areas, and suspicious folks who walk back and forth in front of your lawn.

Taking a few extra steps for security may just protect your investments (or at least give the would-be thieves a reason to think twice) before the worst-case scenario happens to happen.


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