Lara Parent’s Chair-less Home Office

Lara is a photographer with a home office adorned with wall-to-wall images as reference and inspiration. No pin boards for this woman. Lara sent us her office’s most recent incarnation…and she’s decided the big change would harken back to her days as child working on the floor. So she’s ditched the chair altogether!

Lara describes her new setup and the philosophy behind working without a task chair:

When we were reconfiguring my studio/office, my husband and I were talking about working on the floor as kids. I was sharing how I used to love drawing while lying on the floor and he was sharing with me how he used to draw or make little things while using the top landing step on the second floor of his house as his “table” and the 2-3 steps below him as his “chair/stool”

I also love that I can see so much of the sky, the trees, an occasional bird. It’s calming. I love the light from this west-facing window.

As for the space itself, it feels larger working closer to the ground. I notice more of my environment. Being at such a low vantage point also has inspired me to clear the clutter, to strip the book shelves to reference books, magazines,  journals, photo files, etc, that I actually pull out and draw inspiration from. It also minimizes the big rectangle computer monitor that now dominates the space.

By putting the computer so low, it disappears a little from view. But I am still trying out the low work space…I don’t have the seating fully worked out. The straw cushion is comfortable, but it lacks the necessary back & lumbar support. I can’t work for long stretches on the computer…which maybe is a good thing as it gets me to get up and stretching. Often.

Here’s a couple photos of her previous, more traditional setups that are quite inspiring even with the inclusion of a task chair!

Originally published at Lifework by Cerentha Harris

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)