Last Minute Moving Stress: The _____ Won't Fit!

Last Minute Moving Stress: The _____ Won't Fit!

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 9, 2010

During my last move about two years ago, everything was going smoothly. I remember thinking to myself that this was the easiest move I'd ever had. I should have known right then and there that I completely and utterly jinxed myself and that something was definitely going to spoil the day.

That something was our new couches not fitting through the front door. I know what you're thinking &mdash why didn't I measure before I bought? Well, that's where I feel as though I may have an excuse. My friend was moving across the country and didn't want to bring all of his furniture (something about starting new and fresh and leaving baggage in Philadelphia) so I took a lot of furniture off of his hands! He was moving the same day as I was, so we needed to make quick work of the situation. Fast forward to about 10pm and the damn couch wouldn't fit through the door!

This is where my perfect day stayed around kicking and screaming to be noticed, because my landlord happened to be in the kitchen still working on finishing touches. Did I mention that he also happens to own his own window and door company? This is the point that I wish I would have taken control instead of letting three men do the work &mdash they removed the storm door which allowed for enough room to barely squeeze the couch in. Apparently no one thought to be a little more careful, so we now have some scratches in the leather (luckily in a place that isn't noticeable).

A few weeks ago the same problem happened on Design Star, which seemed a tad less excusable because they are a team of interior designers. Maybe they were just too wrapped up in being so overly excited for the piece of furniture that no one thought to measure. They ultimately paid the price, because their outdoor space didn't look nearly as great as it could have, because viewers and team members alike couldn't forget about that great oversized piece of furniture that never was.

Who knows what the reasons are for not measuring and finding yourself stuck outside your new home with a giant piece of furniture, but it has happened to most of us. What have you been stuck outside with?

Images: Liezel Strauss and Beth Evans, Kristen Lubbe

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