Summer in the City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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Summer in SF this year: weirdly hot. Back east, where AT was born, people flee the city in droves to escape summer heat like this. But we were around this weekend and we saw plenty of folks moving
towards the city. The traffic on 101 South heading towards the GG Bridge on Saturday evening was something awful. What was that about?

We bring this up because pet month is almost over here at AT:SF, and next week we’ll be moving on to a new theme. AT:NY will begin its annual August celebration of the hideaway. But we have a hunch that the hideaway theme may not generate the same level of passion here as it does in summer-muggy cities like NY and Chicago. So we’re contemplating our own regional (Bay Area and PNW) theme for August (something we’ll be doing a couple of times a year). And we’re wondering what you think:

Where are you in August? Are you spending more time at home, or less? Where in your home do you hang the most in late summer? Are you preparing a temporary shelter for Burning Man? Are you hiking/biking/kayaking/wind surfing/camping? Are you on vacation?

Stay tuned this week for more pets-in-the-home ideas, fab Pet Décor Contest entries, and a launch party update.