Laundry Day

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Everyone has a household chore that they hate to do. Ours is laundry. We’d like to tell you we’re always on top of our chores, but the truth is we’ve had a growing mountain of clothes in our closet that got so big that the whole “pretend it’s not there” thing didn’t work anymore. Our solution: Pick a laundry day and stick to it.

Here’s how we finally tackled our mountain of laundry:

• We made a trip to the laundromat and washed a few loads at once. It wasn’t so bad. We read a magazine and watched “Wheel of Fortune” on the laundromat TV. It was the first episode I’d seen in 10 years. Why do Pat and Vanna look exactly the same?

• We got rid of our extra hamper so that we no longer have a place to keep dirty clothes in laundry limbo.

• Thursday is now laundry day. No exceptions.

What are your most hated chores and how do you make yourself do them?