Laundry Drops

Laundry Drops

Gregory Han
Apr 2, 2008

How timely. We were about to head out to do our weekly laundry load when we caught wind of a new laundering that promises clean clothes and greener packaging footprint with an interesting detergent delivery technology. Laundry Drops sort of look like hard candies or cough drops, but inside each water dissolvable packet is a 6x concentrated shot of detergent...

Laundry Dropps positives: small package, strong concentration so less to use, biodegradable, phosphate free. Negatives: not so sure these really equate with true conservation. Sure, compared to the large traditional liquid detergents these smaller packs stack up well in material footprint. But the difference isn't so profound when you consider that almost every brand of detergent now offers concentrated formulas that come in smaller bottles. And these aren't cheap. Our fancy pants bottle of Method Laundry detergent does 32 loads for $6.99, while these Laundry Drops are $25 for 60 wash loads. Unless those Dropps are packing something miraculous "like no other" magic inside, that's a whole lot more for arguably likely the same results, comparatively speaking.

Perhaps if they miniaturized these even further ("50x concetrate! Please handle with supplied safety gloves and goggles") and came in a recyclable or biodegradable outer container (that plastic pouch has to go somewhere), then we'd be willing to pay a little bit more. But this might be a case where the idea in itself is cool, but it doesn't make all that much rational sense to change from what's already working.

That all being said, we might send a 2-Load Sample Pouch to our mom and see what she thinks. She loves these sort of new products. We'll just have to warn her in advance that they are not candies!

[via Crib Candy]

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