Laundry Organization For Small Spaces

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Laundry is a time consuming task that has a tendency to build up and become overwhelming. If you live in a small space, laundry procrastination can take over large areas of valuable space making your apartment feel cramped and chaotic. We all know the simple solution to this problem: do your laundry every week! But busy schedules always seem to get in the way of regular household chores. The next best solution is finding ways to organize and hide laundry until you finally have the time to wash it.

Hidden and sorted is the goal. Here are a few ways to make it happen:

• Hang a flexible canvas storage organizer, like the IKEA Kajsa, in your closet. You can throw laundry into the open shelving and the multiple storage pockets allow you to separate by color.

• If you want to disguise storage in your bedroom, consider using a dresser as a laundry sorter. Dressers can hold dirty clothes just as well as clean clothes.

• Think about buying other types of furniture that can double as storage space, like open ottomans, credenzas and storage benches. Laundry can be stored anywhere in the house.

• Shelve an entire wall and store clothes in pretty boxes.

• Keep laundry under the bed in shallow containers.

• Build your vertical space. Buy stackable containers or a tall armoire and take your storage up to the ceiling. You can even put storage on top of an armoire. Just buy a sturdy collapsible step stool to make access easy.

• Think before your throw laundry into the pile. Most of the times clothes can be worn multiple times before they need to be washed. Wearing shirts, sweaters and pants multiple times conserves water, energy and time. If you’re concerned about odor you can buy a refresh spray, like Swash by Tide, or learn how make your own spray!

• When laundry is out in the open, in boxes, under the bed or in the closet, you can keep the smell under control a number of different ways. Spraying a clean cloth with perfume and place it in your storage area, or throw a scented dryer sheet into a box. You can also line drawers and containers with scented paper. If you want to splurge on deliciously scented liners, check out the products by Hammocks and High Tea offered by Reverie Daydream Artisan Boutique.