This Unexpected Source Has 10 Genius Laundry Problem Solvers

published May 1, 2020
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Laundry, though necessary, has its quirks. While the monotony of doing laundry is sometimes welcomed, the annoying things (like lost socks and wrinkled blouses) are generally not. The good news is that it turns out, The Container Store has basically thought through every annoying laundry-related problem and created clever solutions. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the go-to retailer for organizing solutions has such a smart laundry section, but it’s very exciting anyway. Check out the 10 best Container Store products that’ll eliminate the most annoying problems you face in the laundry room. 

1. Magnetic Laundry Valet

Create hanging space whenever you need it with this magnetic laundry valet. Its strong magnets attach to the side of a washer or dryer to give you a stable hanging rod that doesn’t take up any extra room. This is a perfect tool for quickly drying items right when they come out of the wash to prevent wrinkles. 

Buy: Magnetic Laundry Valet, $24.99

2. FlipFOLD Laundry Folder

Not everyone all like Marie Kondo, but now you can all be a little more like your folding hero with this clever laundry folder. It perfectly folds shirts, towels, sweaters, and pants into a perfectly square, uniform size. Your drawers and bins will be more organized than ever!

Buy: FlipFOLD Laundry Folder, $24.99

3. Sock Cop Clips

If you’re anything like me, you lose at least one sock every time you do your laundry, even if you’re only transporting your clothes from your living room to your bedroom. Until I can solve the age-old riddle of “where have all my socks gone,” I’ll be investing in these sock clips. They keep your socks together from the moment you toss them in the hamper until they’re out of the wash. 

Buy: Sock Cop Clips (pack of 20), $9.99

4. iDesign Over the Door York Ironing Board Hanger with Utility Basket

So you might not have the spacious, laundry room of your dreams. That’s no problem thanks to this over the door utility basket that’ll transform your laundry closet into a laundry center. It hangs on the back of your door to hold an iron, ironing board, and essentials like detergent and dryer sheets (or dryer balls, if you prefer). 

Buy: iDesign Over the Door York Ironing Board Hanger with Utility Basket, $27.99

5. Retractable Clothesline

You don’t need a giant yard to line dry your clothes. This retractable clothesline can be attached virtually anywhere to create space for drip-drying your garments. It extends up to 94” and retracts when it’s not in use, making it ideal for small spaces.

Buy: Retractable Clothesline, $11.99

6. Dry Cleaning Pad

Say goodbye to pesky stains on your upholstery, car interiors, wallpaper, suede, and more with this non-toxic dry cleaning pad. This magical eraser uses gentle cleaning powder to absorb dirt, dust, and soot, easily lifting stains—and it’s safe to use on even your most delicate fabrics.

Buy: Dry Cleaning Pad, $4.99

7. Micro Mesh Wash Bags

Everyone needs a few mesh bags to safely wash delicate items, and this set of three in various sizes is great for big and small loads. Toss all your delicates into the different size bags and then easily wash them all at once, without worrying about zippers or buttons destroying them. With a covered closure and color-coded zippers, these will take your laundry efficiency up a notch. 

Buy: Micro Mesh Wash Bags (set of 3), $11.99

8. Polder Wall-Mounted Accordion Drying Rack

This retractable wall-mounted drying rack is perfect for small apartments or anywhere with limited space. Unfolded, it can fit all your line-dry items on seven rods, and is strong enough to hold heavy sweaters and wet towels. When folded flat it takes up just 5.25″ of space, making it an ideal solution for apartment dwellers.

Buy: Polder Wall-Mounted Accordion Drying Rack, $24.99

9. PerfectCurve CapWasher

You probably have that favorite, perfectly fitted ball cap that you wear constantly, yet never wash out of fear of it losing its shape. This cap washer solves that problem thanks to its unique locking mechanism, which ensures your cap keeps its shape when you throw it in the washer. Genius!

Buy: PerfectCurve CapWasher, $4.99

10. Fine Washables Lingerie Drying Rack

Gone are the days of hanging your undergarments over chair backs or on doorknobs to dry. This stainless steel lingerie drying rack hooks on to your shower rod and has 20 tiny clips to hang all your fine washables. Even better, the hook can be locked once in place so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over. 

Buy: Fine Washables Lingerie Drying Rack, $9.99