Laura Hunt Renovation of Son’s Apartment on AD

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over at the Architectural Digest website, there’s a series of interviews with designer Laura Hunt. She apparently took a challenge offered by Architectural Digest to renovate an apartment for $5000. She decided to do her son’s apartment in Dallas….

It’s seems pretty clear that a budget of $5000 would be considered impossibly small to a designer of Laura’s caliber (and also keeping in mind this is from Architectural Digest). Being a lowly common man who lives in suburban Orange County, I couldn’t help but be a little amused at some of her comments and reactions regarding shopping online and going into stores she “never thought she’d go into…” (I hope she knows that Target isn’t really supposed to be pronounced “tar-jay”) She decided to pay homage to the building, which was built in the 60s. She went for a “mid century modern” vibe, which surprisingly, she says she previously wasn’t very familiar with. However, she fully embraced the challenge and I think the results are quite stunning and successful. I love how she did the entry, and I want to just hang out on that patio! There’s definitely some great inspiration that us mo’ po’ folk can gain. She does make the point that I think many of us AT readers have always known – you can achieve a great look within a budget, you “just have to train your eye…” I thought the end bit with her commenting to her son to keep the house clean was cute. Check out all three videos and let us know what you think!