Laura Throws a Shower Shower

This may be the first time a post on Apartment Therapy is categorized both as BATHROOM and ENTERTAINING. Laura works in PR and is an expert in bringing out the best in almost any situation. That she threw a “shower” for her newly renovated bathroom should therefore come as no surprise.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

First Laura did her research. She asked around in person and online and learned that a number of people around the country were celebrating aspects of home renovation socially. With this information under her belt, she managed to garner press coverage and corporate sponsorship for her bathroom-based Brooklyn soiree!

She invited over a bunch of friends and hired Michael, son of the bathroom contractor Carlos Lozano, to serve as maitre d’ for the evening. Michael stood at the front door with a clipboard and took the names of party guests who were interested in trying the shower.

Throughout the night, Michael ushered people into Laura’s bathroom to shower in her 4-jet fueled plus overhead water-based experience. He provided them with towels and bathing products and encouraged them to indulge in the age old art of showering.

It’s a great shower and a great idea. About 8 people took advantage of Laura’s shower generosity, while the rest drank cocktails and talked all things bathroom, shower pressure, and the joys of city living.

Images: Jill Slater and Paul Martinka