Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling

Regina Yunghans
Feb 9, 2010

Name: Lauren and Eric Wendlandt, architects/designers with Framework Design
Location: Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri
Size: approx. 6,500 square feet of commercial, residential and workshop space (two offices, two residences, and a woodworking/furniture shop)
Years lived in: officially 5 months - started in 2007, built from 2008-9.

Even though Lauren and Eric just completed Vivienda Moderna a few months ago, the home has an old soul. The building is located on the corner lot of an old mansion (whose foundations were unearthed during construction), is partially clad in wood siding from disassembled Kansas barns, and incorporates other salvaged material from around the region...

That use of the old gives the building a grounding - a Framework - on which to experiment and showcase the couple's design and construction. Most of the finish work was completed themselves, and on a budget. The horizontal wood cladding on the exterior (and interior at the entry) was salvaged from barns taken apart by Lauren and Eric with the help of family and friends. The horizontal wood finish that recurs throughout the interior of the home is actually made of salvaged oak flooring gutted from area remodels. Some of it would have otherwise ended up being thrown away, but with their trusty pickup truck, this couple rescued materials from all over town and gave them new life.

Lauren and Eric's home - one portion of the multi-use Vivienda Moderna - functions as a showcase for the design work that the couple's adjacent office, Framework Design, provides. Being able to show and tell is helpful, since the house is full of innovative sustainable systems and custom details. This is one active building that's brimming with live, work, display, and invention. You might remember Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow or the exterior of Vivienda Moderna as featured in this summer's My Great Outdoors.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our style: Classically modernist, with a little eclecticism, mixed with sustainability [reclaimed materials]

Inspiration: Sustainable, inside/outside connections, old ideals with new modernistic appeal.

Favorite Element: The windows and feeling like we're in the trees!

Biggest Challenge: Timeline! We're sure we could have hired those much more knowledgeable and much faster at what we tried to accomplish ourseleves. Sometimes, like with drywall, we figured it was much better to pay the professionals in the end.

What Friends Say: Can you come out to play yet now that you're "done"?

Biggest Embarrassment: Lauren: Stepping through the top stair where there used to be a tread even though I knew it was missing.
Eric: Lauren stepping through the top stair where there used to be a tread even though she knew it was missing.

Proudest DIY: Even though she never got to move in, knowing Lauren's grandma loved everything about her apartment.

Biggest Indulgence: We can't really think of one. Everything has been so useful!

Resources of Note:

Carpet tiles: FLOR
Kitchen cabinets: IKEA
Light fixtures:,
Paint: Sherwin Williams Harmony-green paint line
Furnishings:,, Nebraska Furniture Mart, custom self-built, antique stores,
Appliances: Home Depot, Sears
Audio Visual: Century Group A/V Consultants
Plumbing fixtures: Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot, Tile & Stone Warehouse,
Tile: Habitat Restore, American Olean, Hakatai Tile
Stone: U.S. Stone
Barn siding: Craigslist ads from Paola and Bonner Springs, KS
Concrete countertops: self-built using Quikcrete countertop mix
Residential elevator for universal design- Freedom Green from Nationwide Lifts - Leavenworth, KS
Landscaping supplies - Family Tree Nursery
Electrical supply/rough wiring - Anderson Electrical
Metal siding - Cornell sheet metal and roofing
Misc metal work - contract furnishings
Insulation- spray in Icynene, Hayes
Guard/handrails- KeeKlamp
Cable railing - Feeney Architectural
Recycled/green materials - 1500 underground cistern for collecting rainwater - Roth/Fralo, above ground rain barrels, drought tolerant plantings, reclaimed 100 year old barn siding, salvaged oak flooring (curbside rescue from landfill), radiant flooring by Zurn and Wirsbo, salvaged rigid insulation fromthe roof of the old Mission Mall in KS reused as insulation between floors and for bathroom walls, salvaged old office and barn doors, tankless water heaters from Rinnai, pre run for solar water heaters and photovoltaics, salvaged and chopped all non treated wood scraps for erosion control mulch, tile collected from habitat restore, high efficiency windows, thermal trombe stone wall, natural ventilation and thermal chimney through operable skylights, Versico cool roof, plans for eventual roof garden, dual and low flush toilets, low flow shower heads, energy star appliances, recycling space - our goal is to always have 1/2 as much trash as recycling, composting.

Thanks, Lauren and Eric!

Images: Regina Yunghans, with Framework Designs and Nicole Renee where noted

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