Lauren's January Cure: My Third Week

Lauren's January Cure: My Third Week

Lauren Hufnagl
Jan 22, 2013

I finished my 'goal project' for The Cure last week, so with the baby on its way in a few short months we decided to plow forward with a few other items on our list. My husband decided to tackle our master bedroom while I started updating the nursery.

In the bedroom we really wanted to get rid of the old beast of a radiator and ugly carpeting. Not only do we prefer wood floors for aesthetic purposes, but I also think it will help a lot with my allergies. It's the last carpeted room in our home and I knew I would be thrilled to see it come out. What I didn't realize was that I would be even more relieved to see the radiator come out. When we removed the cover this is what we found:

Talk about allergies! While I was happy to get rid of the two biggest dust collectors in the space, I was less than thrilled with what was lurking beneath the carpet - asbestos tile. GREEN asbestos tile. I know that emerald is Pantone's color of the year, but I don't think this is quite what they had in mind:

Luckily we're gluing the wood floors down in this particular room, and the asbestos tile was in good shape, so we won't have to pay anyone to remove it. I was happy to leave that project to my husband, while I spent my time in the nursery. While I loved the nursery that I designed for my first daughter Violet, I wanted our second baby (also a girl) to have her own unique space. I'm planning to keep the bones of the room (paint, furniture, flooring) intact, but change out the accessories. So far I managed to find a rug (from West Elm) and curtains (from Serena & Lily) for the space:

And I bought the cute rabbit lamp that I've been coveting. It felt good to have gotten started on the project - I was getting a little nervous seeing as how I'm already in the third trimester and hadn't done a thing. I'm finding it a lot harder the second time around to focus much on the new baby. With my first pregnancy I could sit around and daydream about nurseries and babies all of the time, but this time I'm just too busy chasing my toddler around!

These two projects took up the majority of our week, but it worked out because while we don't have a 'landing strip' per say, we do have a place for everything and a routine already worked out. Our coats and shoes go in the hall closet, our keys go on the hooks in the kitchen, junk mail goes right into the recycling bin, and our wallets, chapstick, etc. live on a little tray in one of our cabinets. It works for us so I'm going with the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The same goes for our books and media. We made a big purge before we had our first daughter and have done a good job of keeping it under control since. One thing I did decide to downsize was our filing system. We previously kept a filing cabinet in our closet (on my side, which was definitely not working for me), so I decided to invest in a couple of simple white filing boxes from The Container Store and spent an afternoon going through our files and purging over half of the paper mess. Our files now fit neatly on a shelf in our office nook:

And as far as the weekend chores, the flowers happened, but the bedroom cleaning not so much for obvious reasons (see above). So while this wasn't my best week for following The Cure to the letter, we did get a lot accomplished and I'm pretty proud of our week. One thing I'm finding that I love about The Cure is that it looks different for everyone and that's okay. It's really an amazing motivator to get things accomplished so that hopefully come February we can kick back a little and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

On a side note, if anyone out there has used the glue method for laying wood flooring, I'd love any advice or tips that you have to offer. Thanks in advance!

(Images: Lauren Hufnagl)

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